American History Forgets About Countless Native American Mass Murders

Today’s mass shootings are some of the most horrible we’ve ever witnessed in our nation’s history.

The mainstream media is so fast to claim the Sandy Hook school shooting as the most tragic, and they are tragic, yes, but it seems we are forgetting something. In our country’s past, we committed genocide against Native Americans.

Columbus Brought Murder, Slavery, and Colonization

Christopher Columbus traveled to the Caribbean in 1492 and with that, brought in a new era of slavery, colonization and murder. He also exploited the indigenous, which a lot of people are simply forgetting.

In Columbus’s journals, along with his mens, there were some horrifying stories of what they did to Native Americans. Columbus and his men murdered and chopped up Native Americans and gave their limbs to the dogs. They also kidnapped young girls and sold them off into the sex trade. Islanders were enslaved and were betted on for a slicing with one stroke.

3-5 Million Indigenous People Disappeared Thanks To Columbus

Its been thought that the islands Columbus conquered had faced a disappearance of 3-5 million indigenous people from Columbus’s vile tactics and even illness was a contributing factor.

The killing of natives went on throughout the Western Hemisphere. Many of the ‘civilized’ people ended up murdering over 100 million natives. Its roughly estimated that in North America, 20-50 million people were murdered in cold blood in the Americas.

Our history lessons within our education system lacks the full in-depth truth on what we did to natives, for us to have the country we live in today. It seems that the US wants to hide the past and even wipe it from our history textbooks. If there was no independent research, we would be stuck with the lie that Columbus only traveled and explored the Americas.

We would be left to thinking is some hero who found new land for us to occupy. Instead, he should be known for enslaving the indigenous and committing mass murders.

Genocide Of Native Americans Forgotten in The Classroom Of Today

Many classrooms in todays time are seeming to ignore the past and even swipe it under the rug. They seem to think that if society forgets, then we are free of guilt. The mass shootings that have occurred are just as bad, but we should not be forgetting some of our pasts killings and mass shootings done in 1492 when Columbus touched land.

Many of the worst mass killings that have happened in North America have been directed towards the Indigenous American:

  • Apalachee Massacre when the former governor of Florida ordered an attack on the Apalachee and 1,000 were killed along with 2,000 enslaved in 1704.
  • Fox Indian Massacre when French troops attacked Fox Indian village killing 1,000 people in 1712.
  • The Sandia Mountain Tompiro Indians massacre in which 900 were killed in 1601.
  • The Mystic Massacre in which colonist set fire to the village of Pequot in 1637 killing between 600 and 700.
  • The Tonkawa Massacre in which Union soldiers attacked the Tonkawa village killing 400 in 1861.
  • The Camp Grant Massacre in which a white and Mexican posse attacked an Apache village killing 140 and selling 40 into slavery in 1871.

A few modern-day shootings are horrible but aren’t as severe as the genocide of Native Americans. Young people should grow up knowing the country’s past and how we really took this country.

Our schools need to teach history accurately so our future generations will learn and know what not to do. Columbus is no hero, and our kids shouldn’t be lied to about this.


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