White Supremacist Molested and Raped Step Daughters Because They Were ‘Part Latina’

A white supremacist in Massachusetts has recently been arrested and charged with torturing and sexually assaulting his two teenage stepdaughters for over five years. His attempted justification for these horrendous crimes was because he didn’t like that they were “part Latina.”

Justin Ladd, 33, is the Neo-Nazi in question. He is now facing 21 criminal counts after the girls reported the years of torture and molestation to police.

They explained that Ladd slammed their feet with hammers until they were flattened, and often pulled on their tongues with pliers. He also beat them with belts and straps while he exposed himself to them.

The girls are now age 14 and 16, but Ladd abused them for years, between September 2008 and February 2013.

Ladd constantly threatened the girls that a motorcycle gang would rape and kill them if they told their mother what he had been up to.

The girls said that he would call them racial slurs while sexually assaulting and raping them. Ladd, they explained, has the words “white power” tattooed across his stomach, a fact confirmed by police.

The police report explained that the girls said Ladd told them he believed he had the right to do whatever he wanted to them because they were Latina. He forced them to exercise to exhaustion and he would repeatedly smash them with a hammer when they stopped. He also told them to “dance like monkeys” for his amusement.

“While imitating monkeys … Justin would state, ‘If you’re not white, you’re not right’,’ the the Boston Herald reported.

The girls also explained that Ladd commonly used heroin and held one stepdaughter’s head underwater when he said he didn’t like the taste of her cooking. He would fondle them and expose himself to them, saying: “This is what your mom takes every night”.

All of this came to light last August when a friend of the girls’ mother witnessed one of the Ladd’s attacks.

Christina Fintonis explained that Ladd, his wife, and their five children stayed with her for a week last year. That’s when she witnessed one of Ladd’s attacks.

“All of the sudden, he yells up for the oldest daughter – she’s 15 now – to come upstairs to do something for him, and all of the sudden the house shook, and we heard a big bang and were like, ‘What was that?” Fintonis said.

“She came down bawling her eyes out, and she said, ‘He grabbed my face and slammed me into a wall’.”

That’s when Fintonis called police and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) removed the children.

Watch the video below from the local report…

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